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Windsor Malayalee Association | Windsor ON
In the early 90’s, Mr. George K. Chacko took the initiative to bring together a handful of Malayalee families residing in and around Windsor and Detroit areas. In the beginning it was a social gathering of Malayalees of these two cities. As the number of Keralites grew in Detroit and Windsor areas, separate Malayalee associations were instituted. Formed in December 1995, Windsor Malayalee Association (WMA) is a non-profit cultural organization aimed at improving and enhancing the cultural heritage of the Malayalee community in and around the south western region of Ontario, Canada. WMA was formed with the purpose of promoting and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Kerala, India and to establish a forum to provide an opportunity for it’s members to meet and exchange views and to foster goodwill and friendship with other communities in and around the south western region of Ontario.

Purpose of forming WMA :

  • To provide an Organization for those residents of Windsor, Essex County and Chatham Kent County who trace their origins from and/or have their association with the State of Kerala in India, by birth, relationship, marriage, ancestry, adoption, common law, to come together under the identity of the Kerala State Language, MALAYALAM and thereby to be known as MALAYALEES.

  • Provide a forum for this community to assemble together to foster fellowship, even kinship and cooperation through activities of common interest. 

  • Provide a common vehicle that promotes educational, social, cultural and economic programs of the community and enhance its contribution to the society-at-large.

  • To liaise with the different levels of Government and other community Organizations to represent the needs and concerns of the community and seek appropriate assistance. 

  • To carry out lawful activities as may be deemed necessary to achieve the purposes and objectives, without personal gain or accretion for its members. Any gains or accretions shall be used solely for promoting the stated purposes and objectives of THE ASSOCIATION.


Objectives :

  • To promote the heritage and cultural values of this community;

  • To promote the ambitions, aspirations and needs of this community within the Canadian multi-cultural mosaic; 

  • To co-operate with similar organizations and participate in community and governmental programs;

  • To encourage the development, exchange and support of national and international understanding and peaceful co-existence;

  • To encourage the contribution and participation in humanitarian and philanthropic programs, as possible;

  • To acquire and maintain properties to further the interests and purposes of THE ASSOCIATION.


Eligibility :

  • Membership is open to Malayalee(s) who meets the eligibility requirement of a Regular member and who is a legal resident or have strong ties to the operating areas defined under Article I, Sec. B, (i) of WMA Constitution.

  • The strong ties to the area could be satisfied if the individual primarily works in the area, has a spouse/common-law partner living or working in the area or have children/parents who live or work in the area.

  • Abides and supports the Constitution and By-Laws of THE ASSOCIATION.


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Constitution of WMA

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